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Environmental Services

Complete Hazardous Waste Management for Your Safety and Peace of Mind

We ensure that your workplace or facility remains safe and non-toxic. Contact us to request a free quote today.

Humble Beginnings 

Al Urbina started Compliance Environmental Services in 1997. His son, Mike, partnered with him in 1999. Our business was finally incorporated in 2000.

Meet Mike Urbina

Mike has taken over the company now that Al has retired. He is assisted by his wife, Rochele, who runs the office.

Hands-On Approach 

Mike doesn’t just sit on the sidelines and let his crew do all the work. In fact, he has completed a 40-hour HAZWOPER training. He develops personal relationships with his clients and gives them the care and respect they deserve.


Why Choose Us? 

Compliance Environmental Services uses state-of-the-art CARB-compliant equipment. Our trucks are built to pick up all waste at once and undergo 90-day inspections. We carry hazard insurance and transporter and motor carrier permit.

Our Clients

We provide hazardous waste management for the following clients in the Inland Empire:

    • Auto Repair Shops
    • School Districts
  • Industrial and Commercial Facilities
  • Residential and Commercial Properties
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