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Environmental Services

Proper Pickup and Disposal of Hazardous waste

We ensure that your workplace or facility remains safe and non-toxic. Contact us to request a free quote today.

Hazardous Waste Management and Disposal

The improper disposal of hazardous waste pose a threat to people’s health and safety. It’s important to find sustainable and cost-effective solutions to prevent workplace accidents and future penalties from regulating bodies. Compliance Environmental Services is a company that provides the highest quality of waste disposal services in the Inland Empire.

We specialize in removing used oil, antifreeze, and other toxic materials in a safe manner. We pick up all your waste at the same time. Unlike our competitors, we don’t give you the run around. Learn more about us.


Humble Beginnings 

Al Urbina started Compliance Environmental Services in 1997. His son, Mike, partnered with him in 1999. Our business was finally incorporated in 2000.

Our Clients

Auto Repair Shops

School Districts

Industrial and Commercial Facilities

Residential and Commercial Properties

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